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Need to make an original gift and are you looking for something to give ?: Discover in Personalized gifts with engraving on trays, glasses, whiskey set, decanter, Vases, Dishes, Dishes, games of shots, Bombonera and a long etc. of personalized items at a good price and of the highest quality.

Cristalsio has the special and unique gift you are looking for. We have a large variety of custom crystal designs!

In addition, as we manufacture everything, you can receive your personalized products in approximately 48/72 hours.

THE ENGRAVING of all our products is handmade and is done through the injection of a sandblasting on a layer of vinyl containing the design chosen by the client.

NOTE : The time and cost of customized customization in Porcelain should be consulted before placing the order due to its greater complexity.

Toscana candy box. Wedding/anniversary gift.
VAT included
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Toscana candy box (ø 5.1 in; ø 13cm) for wedding/anniversary gift, decorated with floral (rose, poppy, calla lily, butterfly or flower) and wedding/anniversary silver accesories (hearts, 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary or plate for engrave). Custom etching available.
Gastro 590 wine set. 6 glasses and decanter 2610 (203 engraving)
VAT included
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Handcrafted-engraved (203 design), Bohemian Glass wine set Gastro Titanium, consisting of six glasses (20 oz; 590 ml) and one decanter 2610 (50.7 oz; 1.5 l), decorated with silver accessories (spiral, chained rhombi or grapevine). Available packaging: set box, elegant case or trunk. Custom etching available on the decanter bottle.