About Cristalsio

The best service as a priority.

Cristalsio, founded in 1986, is located as a company with more than thirty years of experience, which continues to grow nationally and internationally. Its dedication to supplying retail and wholesale establishments with suitable items to meet the needs of its customers makes it a reference company. Distributor of glass items from Bohemia, in Galicia, and other cities like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga; And countries like Portugal, France and Angola, where our product and design are highly valued.


Cristalsio products are designed for those events where you need the ideal gift that serves as a souvenir on a special occasion, a wedding gift, baptism, communion, an anniversary or simply for those who want to dress their environments with elegance and beauty or Enjoy sophisticated and distinguished items.

Our designs in centerpieces, vases, bomboniers, bar or glassware, hand carved with silver applications, distinguish us as an essential distributor throughout Europe, Africa and even in America.

Celebrations, ceramics or gifts for special occasions. Know all the articles that Cristalsio has developed for you, now available with just one click.